Dream Pet

Why Husky?

I would like to have a Husky as my pet. Huskies looks wolf-like and would be cool to have one. I can imagine myself walking around my neighborhood with my pet, husky. Huskies can withstand cold and can survive with little amount of food.


Husky are nice, large dogs with blue or brown eyes. Huskies are very energetic and active. They are 20 to 24 inches tall and their weight ranges from 35 to 65 pounds.Huskies are independent, clever, vocal, stubborn, friendly, loving, and neat.


Huskies are very stubborn. They will get bored of a food if they eat too much. If they feel sick from a food, they will never eat that food again. Adding different ingredients can keep your husky interested in their food.

TechNews Article

Can Robots Come to Your Rescue in a Burning Building?
University of Southern California's researchers are developing robots that could rescue people from fires. Researchers are focusing on the movement of the robots and algorithms that the robots could use to talk. Researchers are developing robots that can use radio communication and sensors to help move around. A Ph.D. student named Jason Tran said that the vision would notify firefighters where to go and where not to go and detect the location of the survivor. Another Ph.D student named Pradipta Ghosh says that rescue robots can help firefighting in dangerous and risky situations.

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